Brandon Smith Law

Leveraging experience working for the insurance industry to help the wrongfully injured get fair compensation.

Notable Wins

$5,000,000 Verdict – Motorist struck head on by a company driver and required surgery.

$1,100,000 Settlement – Motorcyclist struck vehicle left on an exit ramp of the highway.

$1,000,000 Settlement – Electrical shock sustained from a defective fence.

$1,000,000 Confidential Settlement

$820,000 Confidential Settlement.

$600,000 Settlement – Motor vehicle wreck in Gwinnett County.

$600,000 Settlement – Product liability case arising of defective device.

$475,000 Settlement – Motorist struck a parked vehicle on the interstate requiring surgery.

$440,000 Settlement – Pedestrian struck by a plumbing truck mirror while walking on the side of the road and was hospitalized.

$375,000 Settlement – Trip and fall at a shopping mall on a structure in the walkway.

$350,000 Settlement – Motorcyclist run off the road by a tractor-trailer.

$325,000 Settlement – Client suffered injury walking into the parking lot of premises owner.

$320,000 Settlement – Shooting outside of a Club where fragment struck bystander’s arm.

$300,000 Settlement – Brick structure crushed foot of visitor renting home.

$250,000 Verdict – Shooting in a Club grazed patron’s face.

$250,000 Settlement – Vending machine dropped on worker on the job.

$200,000 Settlement – Motorist sideswiped on the interstate.

$145,000 Settlement – Metal fence dropped on client while boarding an airplane.

$100,000 Settlement – Pedestrian struck in the roadway.